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Our Philosophy

Mixing is a subjective process, but our primary goal is to achieve the artist’s vision for the final sound.  Our job is to listen carefully to your ideas AND your music so we can be on the same page creatively.  Your vision plus our technical know-how and experience equal superior sound.

The Room

Countless recordings have been mixed and mastered at Big City and we know our carefully tuned room inside and out.  We encourage artists to be as involved as they wish in the mixing process.  Some prefer to be present during the sessions while others prefer to receive mix updates/files away from the studio.

Budgeting for mixing can be tricky and depends on how complicated the songs are, where the project was recorded and if there are any technical issues.  For album projects, we generally recommend mixing one or two songs to start, then evaluating them away from the studio.  We will then make adjustments until the first few mixes meet your approval.  Those mixes then become the template and reference for the rest of the mixes.  This is a very efficient and effective technique for achieving superior results.

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